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I did not have a very good rest last Friday night. You see my mind is like a giant trunk.  All week long, my deepest, most pensive moments and daily deeds are precisely organized by date and time and are … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

Bears do “it”. Some rodents do “it”. The fat-tailed dwarf lemur of Madagascar does “it”. And I have done “it” too. What is “it”? Hibernation! This state of inactivity in the animal kingdom lowers the body temperature and slows down … Continue reading

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David S. Kluxen Jr. (10/31/48- 2/24/93) Another year has passed without our beloved David. We will never forget him, but we have learned to move forward with gratitude for the time we were given with him. Kim  Gratitude image is … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

Mother Nature sure is a taskmaster! She does not know it, but she has been preparing me for my upcoming retirement. But does she have to be so ruthless??   As a teacher I am subject to “snow days”. I do … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Grief

Have you ever flipped over a colorful seashell that was wedged in the wet sand and examined its other side? You were probably first attracted by the reflection of the flashy hues of the exterior. But the smooth, concave inner … Continue reading

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I feel an odd lightness as soon as the winter solstice passes in December. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this phenomenon manifests itself in a late dawn, an early sunset, and a short day and a long … Continue reading

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Birthdays and Reunions

For me, Birthdays are the exclamation marks of my life and Reunions are the question marks. Birthdays ! Birthdays are exciting, yet predictable. I always look forward to the upcoming one and I can’t believe how quickly another year passes. … Continue reading

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I Am The Jelly

The ash blond wig had been hastily tossed on top of the dressing table. Next to it were various make-up supplies. Deep blue eye shadow, a charcoal eyeliner pencil, a tube of lipstick and a pair of reading glasses with … Continue reading

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Default Setting: Danger

I have observed that when one endures a significant loss and the accompanying sensation of grief, all ensuing life experiences tend to be exaggerated. Since my husband’s accident and his subsequent death, my reaction to everyday events has changed. It … Continue reading

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Kim Kluxen Meredith wins Silver Medal at MWSA Book Awards

Dayton OH 9/28/13 Kim is the 2013 Military Writers Society of America Book Award Silver Medal winner in the category of Spiritual/Religious. The MWSA book awards recognize outstanding military-themed books in a wide range of categories from children to adult. … Continue reading

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